If Report previous print button is not working what we have to do 1. Tools - > Options It will launch options window with tabs Click on Applications tab check for content type as Adobe document (portable) .... if found in Action it will be like always ask, click on that drop down and select Use Adobe Reader .... And click ok. Then it will work. If above Content type not exist then cancel the options window. Tools -> Add-ons , it will launch another tab in your browser , click on plug-ins and check for adobe document.. it will show disable button , just click on disable button and close the tab. And then again you have to do Step 1, now you can see the content type.
Prevent this page from creating addtional dialogs
appears in browser then follow below steps.
In browser type about:config Right-click in the preferences area and choose New > Integer Copy the preference name dom.successive_dialog_time_limit Paste the preference name and click OK Then enter 0 and click OK
If Firefox keeps blocking Pop-Ups - Type "about:config" in the address bar - Ignore the warning - Filter for "dom.popup_maximum" - Change the value from 20 to 1000
In Internet Explorer, to avoid the message 'Do you want to View only the webpage Content that was delivered securely?', go to 'Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Internet' then click on 'Custom Level' button. On the popup screen, goto miscellanious section and enable 'Mixed Content' and save.
Setting in Firefox
Firefox -> options -> options -> content ->(check) Enable JavaScript (click on Advanced button) -> in popup window (check) Raise or Lower Window (if not checked)